Building a diverse community of amazing people

Phellas bring together amazing fun-loving people from around the world and all walks of life. Great adventures start with a great company and that's what this project is all about - a free-spirited community. Being different is cool!

Owning one of the NFTs from the Phellas collection grants you an entry to our exclusive club called Phellas Palace, as well as access to various club perks and benefits. Join us on our adventure and our mission to bring Phellas to as many countries as possible.

Phellas Painting

The Team

Phellas have been being taken care of by an enthusiastic international team comprised of people who come from various backgrounds ranging from web development and graphic design to marketing, event hosting and digital communication.

The team has spent many months preparing the project that puts a smile on many faces and brings people together.

  • Marcus


    Big boss with the grand idea. Keeps the whole team motivated and working together as a unit. Dreams of going to the moon in a Lambo one day.

  • Anne

    Art Director / Artist

    Brings the characters to live. Sometimes takes them out for lunch and pets them all the time. Loves pencils and tablet computers, basically anything that can be used to draw stuff.

  • Phil

    Developer / Web Design

    Arguably the most tech-savvy member of the team, likes the smell of motherboards in the morning and programs beautiful code on a shiny keyboard. Plans to open a lightbulb museum someday.

  • Denis


    A quiet mysterious entity who always delivers amazing results but no one even knows when his birthday is. Likes to eat instant noodles with pickled cucumbers. A humble but slightly odd genius.

  • Darren

    Community / Marketing

    Loves being around people and keeping in touch with everyone. Not only the heart of every party, but also the stomach as he eats a lot. Wants to go to Australia and wrestle kangaroos.